Neuropsychological assessments for children
Who can benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation?
When you sense something isn't quite right with your child
Neuropsychological evaluation measures
Questions to ask a neuropsychologist
Purpose and method of a neurological assessment
What is a neuropsychological diagnosis?
Why neuropsychological assessments are so useful
Talking to kids about their neuropsychological evaluation
Who can refer a child to a neuropsychologist?
What is a pediatric neuropsychologist?
Why early intervention is so important
When to seek help for learning issues
How to recognize reading difficulties
Is dyslexia a reading disorder?
Possible causes of dyslexia
Common myths about dyslexia
Strengths of children with dyslexia
How to treat dyslexia
Possible causes of reading difficulties
How to choose a reading program
Different signs of writing problems
How to identify learning disability warning signs
Gifted children with learning disabilities
Signs of attention disorders
Explaining learning difficulties to your child
How executive functioning affects children
Identifying executive functioning difficulties
How to pay for the services for a disabled child
Accommodations for test taking
Fear of labeling children
Defining social problems