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Serving the community since 1988

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Mission Statement

"We are dedicated and enthusiastic about providing cutting edge neuropsychological assessments

to children, teens, and adults to help them realize their potential and succeed.


Why Us?

  • The private practice has been active since 1988
  • We do 100% neuropsychological assessment
  • All of the neuropsychologists have completed a postdoctoral residency in neuropsychology at UCLA
  • All of the neuropsychologists in the practice teach and/or conduct research at UCLA
  • All of the neuropsychologists perform 100% neuropsychological assessments within their clinical fields of interest
  • All of the neuropsychologists have had many years of experience, use up-to-date measures, and deliver their reports within two weeks of the case closing
  • The office is child and adult friendly, with office staff personable and helpful every step of the way
  • Parents and referral sources call in to a human when phoning the office. There are no answering services during working hours
  • School behavioral observations are conducted on an as needed basis given the case's needs



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