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California License Psy Lic #PSY20434

Amy M. Schonfeld, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of California. She specializes in neuropsychological assessment for pediatric through young adult populations. Dr. Schonfeld received her Clinical Psychology doctorate in 2002 at the San Diego State University/University of California San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Neuropsychology. There, her research specialization focused on neuropsychological effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Dr. Schonfeld went on to complete her pre-doctoral internship at the University of California, Los Angeles in Child Clinical Psychology. Following her doctorate, she was awarded a three year National Institute of Health (NIH) post-doctoral fellowship and concurrently continued her neuropsychological clinical work at UCLA through 2005.

Dr. Schonfeld works with children and young adults presenting with a wide range of presenting concerns. These include developmental disabilities (e.g., attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disorders, language disorders, autism spectrum disorder, or neurodevelopmental disorder associated with prenatal alcohol exposure), psychiatric concerns (e.g., mood disorders, anxiety), and medical conditions (e.g., head injury, seizure disorder, brain tumor). Dr. Schonfeld uses state-of-the-art assessment instruments and tailors the assessment for each student. Through a comprehensive method including interview, standardized assessment, informant questionnaires, and records review, Dr. Schonfeld thoroughly evaluates each individual in order to specify evidence-based conclusions and recommendations.

Dr. Schonfeld is a co-author on Dr. Karen Schiltz's book “Beyond the Label”, published by Oxford University Press in 2012.

Dr. Schonfeld's curriculum vitae is available upon request.



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