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Scott received his B.S. in Applied Physics from Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry, England.

He worked in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, and Canada for many years as an engineer for Schlumberger Well Services in the petroleum industry.

Subsequently he was a software designer/developer and manager for Intergraph Corporation contracted to the United States Navy.

Since taking over the management of his wife's neuropsychology practice in 2002, he has developed a software package to manage scheduling and communication for neuropsychological practices, which he uses in the day-to-day operation of Karen Schiltz Ph.D. and Associates.

Scott takes pride in managing all aspects of the front office, and is available during business hours to answer your call in person. If you get the answering machine, he will usually call you back within an hour.

He particularly likes to take the time to educate parents/patients and answer their questions about what to expect during the process of assessment.

Scott will schedule testing appointments, second testing sessions and feedback appointments and answer all administrative questions or insurance billing code questions.



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